Squibs & Bullets

We’re highly experienced with body squibs and use quality De La Mare products. Our rigging system is safe and compact. We strive to work closely with the Costume Department to achieve a seamless rig. We offer multichannel hardwired and radio firing options with discreet battery and receiver packs.

A variety of pneumatic bloodshot rigs are in stock. These can either be worn with a micro air vessel and radio pack, or as developed for Channel 4’s Utopia, a much bigger bore system can be fired from off screen for splattering “brain” and “gore” in spectacular fashion. This can also be ‘comped’ in as a VFX element. Here’s a compilation video

We’ve a pair of high quality pneumatic Zirc guns for firing dust balls against brick, and spark hits upon metal and rock. They are quality tools with semi-automatic fire, and are accurate at close to medium range.

We have pneumatic and pyro solutions for cracking glass. As toughened glass, float glass and sugar glass each react differently, we will approach each according to the situation.

We also stock a range of pyro hits for use on inert objects to simulate bullet hits.

We favour ‘Nick Dudman’ stage blood in our squib packs: a quality non-staining product.