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Richard, the Lord of Human Resources has summoned you into his lair wherein you will face him directly, only don't make eye contact. He's really cross. It's all about to kick off, again. I mean you were caught on CCTV in the backroom of the warehouse, but that's by-the-by. What's his problem, no need to get so irate, right? Nothing a slice of folksome indie rock'n'roll won't fix. 'AV AT THEE RICHARD!

Hot on the heels of 'All By Myself' comes 'Richard's Office', the second stand-alone release in a series by Silverlode released on September 6th on Grain Division Records.

Silverlode heartily recommend awkwardly dancing to Richard's Office after a bad day at work, whether you're the boss or just someone else hanging in there for dear life.

5TH JULY 2019

All By Myself. New Single Released, and a *Disclaimer* - The following paragraph is not, I repeat, not a RANT. (What do you think this is.... the internet!?)

This blessed isle of ours has had a long and ongoing history with melancholia. Whether it be Sir John Betjeman, The Smiths, Tony Hancock or socks with sandals. We, like many before and after us, keep visiting that particular mind set again and again and again. Maybe it's the inclement weather, maybe we're inherently miserable or maybe it's all the druids fault. Whatever. We would argue, so what maaan!, it makes for the best art (in our opinion of course) so who are we to argue with that tradition?

Insert pimping para here: Dearest Loders, It is with love that I must tell you about our latest release. The rollicking little number that is All By Myself, coming to meet you this Friday 5th July. Clocking in at just 2.26 minutes, ABM is an bass and drums driven waltz, with dustings of piano, strings and guitar. Rich in harmonic detail and sonic intrigue with every one of those precious 2 minutes and 26 seconds stuffed with ideas. Listen to the tune, listen to the lyrics, maybe even listen to both at the same time. We're not keen on providing definitive meanings to songs as we want you to take what you want from it. All I would say is that ABM is a celebration of loneliness with the context being that sometimes people are lonely and sometimes they choose to be alone – the line that divides them is pretty thin. We hope you enjoy a net curtain twitch into our own particular melancholic mind set.

All my love and kindest regards x Scott Lee

29TH APRIL 2019

Good evening, Dear Readers. It's 11pm and I'm still ironing out bugs from this new web page. Hoping to update the news section more regularly than before. So now I'm writing to let you know what is currently going down on round at Silverlode HQ. I guess the main thing is that we have a series of finished songs which we'll be releasing in staggered waves while we finish off recording our next album; A Life Of Labours which tells the story of Henry Boring and his passage through death and life. We've done the music for all thirteen tracks, we just need to regroup and smash the vocals and all the fine-tuning. We played a set of twenty-four songs this month to warm us up in this direction, road testing a good number of these new songs for the first time and a good number from our last full release A Lion Walks Among Us. (RCR).


A LION WALKS AMONG US (a.k.a. KALI, THE DESTROYER) is our 20th studio release, a sprawling 25-track odyssey of folk noir, blazing indie rock and compact psychedelia. Made by friends, made with love.

You can get download your free copy of the accompanying eBook HERE.

Our Story

November 2016

A folksome indie rock band from Leeds, UK.

A folk band in the broadest sense of the word; dogs of pop; self-taught musical ruffians who play to their own traditions. Reinventors of self and prone to playing their songs in a myriad of ways, join Silverlode on their mythological journey through history, future, fantasy and good times via their ever-evolving music.

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